True love has nothing to do with price, it was love at first sight for the Kokomie Circle —-Get Rolex 126710

If you want to talk about Rolex’s most popular watches within 100,000, it’s the Guomi Circle and the Coke Circle.
I was previously disgusted by Rolex’s tie-in strategy and turned to a few VCs and PPs, but mostly formal watches.
The summer in the north is also unbearably hot, so I considered a steel strap watch from a practical point of view.
I inadvertently saw the Inter Circle in the forum and fell in love with the blue at first sight.
This deep blue is what I think summer should be like.
Although I have a few expensive watches in my hands, this is the one I wear most often.
The Rolex is already a solid watch and when I wash my hands, I rinse it off and the sweat stains are gone. It smells much better than a belt.

The absence of scratches is short-lived, metal is particularly prone to scratches, but the film is also unnecessary, the fake rolex watch is originally a daily necessity, wrapped so tightly, only to sell for more money, but also lost the functionality of consumer goods.

A modest watch, gentle as jade. Quietly feel the passage of time ~

When the film is not torn, I dare to keep some photos.

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